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I have done commissioned artwork, from company newsletters to website images and game booklets.
If you have a project which my artwork can enhance, just drop me a line.

Click on any of the thumbnails to open a larger version.


For a customised caricature, send a picture of the victim and some details, hobbies etc.
These start at 40 for one face, extra faces and complexity are negotiable.

Company Newsletter

Some cartoons that I have done for a company newsletter

Some examples of work I have done for the folks at Tantrix, including Robot icons for the online Java game and illustrations for the booklet included in the retail game packs.
For more information on Tantrix, and to play the game itself, visit www.tantrix.com


Business card designs for a horse trainer.

Illustrations for a guide to desert treks in Saudi Arabia.

Bits and pieces.

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